Thursday, 20 September 2012

Term 3 week 9

This week our Year 2 class went on our excursion. Miss T, Mr L and our other Mr L have written a little about it.

On Wednesday September 19th, the Year 2 class went to Red Hill Waste Management Facility. Jenny, our tour guide, took us for a tour of the facility. We had a look at landfill cells which are holes dug in the ground and lined with plastic. Then the rubbish is put in there. We learnt how much rubbish we produce in one year. We produce the weight of a giraffe in rubbish each. That is a lot of rubbish. We went past a mulching machine where they put green waste (tree branches etc) and when it comes out it is mulch. Then we did 'recycled' art with Jenny in the classroom that they have. Some people won a ruler each and others got a sharpener. There were blue and green ones to choose from.
After we finished our art and other activities, we got back on the bus and went to Noble Falls for lunch. There was a playground and we got to play on the equipment. Mrs. M got five kids at a time and took them over to look at the waterfall. It was a great day and everybody had lots of fun.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Term 3 week 8

This week in RE, we celebrated the differences that people have. Some differences are visible others are not. These differences are not just how we look. We enjoyed watching a You Tube clip about the paraolympians. They are amazing.

On Wednesday, we had our sports carnival. We cheered loudly for each other.

Term 3 week 7

On Thursday we got to watch Constable Care. His message was to not bully other people.

It was also very exciting this week because it we got to dress up on Friday for book week. We could dress up as our favourite book character.

We also read the book Flood by Jackie French and Bruce Whalley. It was our book week book and it was about the floods experienced in Queensland. We made a display about the book.

It was an exciting week at school.

Term 3 week 6

This week we continued to learn about measurement. We learnt about weight. We used different kinds of scales that could weigh things. Some scales let us weigh ourselves. Others scales used balance and you had to try and make both sides even. Some of us used the scales on the smart board. They were fun.

We made sculptures out of all the recyclable items that we had brought in. We had lots of different things. It was great fun creating something from our rubbish.

Ms H was away on Thursday and Friday because she was getting married. She is now Mrs M.

Term3 Week 5

This week we have been really busy. We have enjoyed learning about 'direct' and 'indirect' measure.
Miss G using a popstick to measure her desk mat.

Mr B using his feet to measure the bench.

Boys hard at work.
We got to use tape measures. We learnt the words centimetre, millimetre, metre and kilometre. Our tape measures had centimetres and millimetres on them. Some of us used our rulers to measure things.

We were given a body shape. We had to work in pairs and our partner had to measure the different parts of our bodies with a tape measure. We then recorded the measurement on our body shape. It was great fun.

We are all different sizes.

Recording our measurements.

We also learnt that sometimes people (media) use words to make us think a certain way or to inform us about different things. Newspapers and T.V. advertisements use words that make us want to buy toys, eat at different restaurants or wear a particular brand of clothes. We looked at how they advertise Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. We discovered that lots of different companies use these words when they are trying to sell their products like worm farms and compost bins.
We then created posters to make people aware that by recycling, reducing and reusing, we can have a cleaner and happier environment.