Sunday, 19 August 2012

Term 3 Weeks 3&4

We looked at how much packaging was in our lunchboxes.

My lunch had barely any packaging. We called it a 'nude lunch'.

Some of us had lunch orders.

We talked about what items could be recycled, reused or reduced. We also discussed how we could reduce the amount of packaging used for our lunches. We decided that we could reuse plastic bags. We also thought that using a plastic container for our sandwiches and recess would help reduce packaging.

In religion, we imagined what ingredients God may have used to create love in us. We wrote recipes to reflect this.

Mr JW enjoying a 'Good Fit' book.

We decided to find out how much rubbish our Year 2 class would create in one day. All our rubbish, including lunch scraps, were put into our classroom bin. We discovered that there was a lot of stuff that we could recycle. For example, plastic bags, paper lunch bags, aluminium foil and the drink can.

We recorded what we thought we could 'recycle, reuse or reduce'. We realised that our food scraps could go to chickens or into compost bins. Even our tissues and paper rubbish could go into a compost bin. It was very interesting.

Miss T, C, K, and R deciding what rubbish could be reused, recycled or reduced.

We like how Mr L is helping Mr C.

On Friday, during Maths, we broke into groups to participate in our weekly Maths Challenge. It is fun and we all have to work together, quietly, to get the answer. Some people are really good at maths, but we all try very hard.

Sometimes the questions are a little hard and it takes a bit of time to work out. Other questions need us to listen really carefully so that we get all the information.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Term 3 Week 1 and 2

Welcome back to Term 3. We all had a lovely holiday and are well rested. We are looking forward learning lots of interesting things this term.

 We have read Dougal the Garbage Dump Bear because this term we are learning about recycling.

We have also been learning the states of Australia. We live in the state of Western Australia.

Outside with science. We are learning about natural and processed materials.

It was a beautiful day to be working outside in the sunshine.

Mrs P was very cool taking photos with her Ipad.

Having fun playing literacy games.

What we can do with blocks.

Noah's Ark