Friday, 23 March 2012

Term 1 Week 6 & 7

We all enjoyed the long weekend in Week 6 and had lots to share when we returned on Tuesday.

We learnt that insects have three body parts, the thorax, abdomen and head. They also have jointed legs. We called our ant Anty Ant.

In Maths we have learnt about symmetry. We used mirrors to see the other side of a shape. We also painted symmetrical pictures that we have turned into butterflies.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Term 1 Week 5

In week 5 we learnt that there are different ways that we can read a book. We also learnt to Read to Self.

When we Read to Self, we need to be quiet, sit in one place, and to read on our own.

We found out, in Religion, that God trusts us to make good and right decisions.

We discovered that books fit us just like shoes do. That we wear shoes that fit us, so we should read books that fit us too. We also know that we wear different shoes for different purposes and we read a variety of books for different reasons. If some books don't interest us, there are still plenty for us to choose from that will. We can read for enjoyment and to learn.

I Pick Good Fit Books

We made some awesome Mini Beasts in Art with Mrs Connolly.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Term 1 Week 3 and 4

Hot weather and students equalled two weeks of swimming lessons. This was terrific fun cooling off while learning a fantastic skill. Even Mrs P got in on the action.
Serious swimming with boards.

Now putting it into practise.

Looking forward to hitting that cool water.

Nearly at the end of a 50m lap. Great effort.

Term 1 Week 1 and 2

Wow the start to the year was a little messy with the mix up of books. However, we enjoyed getting to know each other and setting up our desks and new chair bags.